Stairclimbers are the smart solution to your problems of transportation.

The transportation of heavy goods sometimes exceeding your personal weight can easily lead to accidents or even health problems. The CargoMaster brand of powered stairclimbers not only moves heavy loads, you may also put the second person often necessary to deliver goods in a more efficient place elsewhere. That’s why the device pays for itself in a very short time.

Versatile and cost-effective, CargoMaster also increases your efficiency.

CargoMaster adapts perfectly to each different situation of transportation. One battery charge is sufficient for 15-30 (10-25) floors. CargoMaster products features a continuously adjustable speed control, and safety brakes make sure that the device stops automatically at each edge of a step

Safe and effortless, the CargoMaster line of powered robot stair climber hand trolleys are not only strong but also fast.

The ingenious climbing mechanism and the standard, state of the art safety brakes make the operation of this device particularly easy. As with all other CargoMaster models puncture-free tires are standard as well.